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Case Studies

Background Situation

A large ISV based out of North America was looking for migrating its reporting tool within its existing ERP product to a more user-friendly and latest technology.


One of the biggest challenges in this was the proprietary technology used in building the ERP product. The technology was not compatible with SQL Server BI technology.

Moving to new technology also meant migrating existing 250+ reports.

Armada Infotech
First of all, Armada Infotech team spent time in understanding the business process and how exactly the end users use the tool for creating new reports. Then the team chose to build the add-on tool using .NET 3.5. For migrating the existing reporting framework, the team decided to use SQL Platform because of its robust and scalable reporting solutions.

With the new technology, Armada Infotech migrated all the existing reports (over 250) to the new platform and then managed the complete product for support and enhancement for extended time.

Business Benefits 
Business Benefits
A more user-friendly reporting solution using the latest technology.
With the smart composite solution offered by Armada Infotech, the whole ERP solution need not be upgraded to new technology.

Reporting Tool

SQL Server 2005

.NET 3.5

SSRS (designers)


Technology and Tools 

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