API Economy & Microservices2021-06-23T09:26:49-04:00

API Economy & Microservices

Responding to changing market demand by adopting microservices

Armada Microservices and API Services

Armada Microservices and API Services offers enterprises design, implement and maintain cloud applications and boost organizational agility and reduce time-to-market and grow business revenue.

Microservices and API Economy Services.

Build better applications from with smaller, faster and stronger microservices.
Businesses are generally accessing your services using website or mobile application with high expectation of best features and services your product can provide. As a result, businesses must continuously deliver new features and fixes. In past, this process was painful because an application was usually developed, deployed and made available as a single application. Which increases time to market as development and testing needs huge amount of time when you have a monolithic architecture.

Microservices are small autonomous services that work together and modeled on business domains. It can change and evolve and be deployed independent of each other and multiple instances of the same can be spawned if one of the microservices is creating a bottleneck during peak hours. Enterprises adoptions of microservices based architecture for software development is growing rapidly and becoming de-facto pattern of adoption as a whole or as part of the overall architecture.

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