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Scalable enterprise solutions to address business challenges

Many enterprises are managing demanding applications and accessing increasing amounts of data. You need computing power that matches your needs and budget, where and when it matters most.

Enterprise Modular Computing Solutions

Our enterprise modular computing solutions are based on RISC servers running on Solaris including applications servers and databases. Sun servers provide the performance; scalability, energy efficiency, and cost-effectiveness that help you meet your business needs in HPC, virtualization, and Eco- or energy efficiency.

Sun storage solutions are built on open standards to work with your existing infrastructure. Sun’s innovative use of industry-standard hardware delivers two to three times the density, using 50 percent less in power and cooling than competing closed storage. With Sun’s open storage solutions, you can accomplish more in less space, while consuming less power.

The solution portfolio includes:

Enterprise solutions 

Consolidating storage farms through consolidation and virtualization and single-application servers onto fewer, high performance systems can be the key to positioning your business for the future. These solutions are designed to address IT issues and business needs related to cost reductions, increased efficiencies, and Eco sustainability.

Web infrastructure solutions 

In today’s Web 2.0 world, you need network applications and services that help you connect, develop, and grow your communities. To fully exploit the Web’s potential; you need time-tested solutions that provide the speed, flexibility, and performance to enable implementation in a matter of weeks. For enterprises focused on increasingly important Web-based services, Sun systems and storage provide all you need to build, optimize, and protect your Web-tier infrastructure throughout your entire data center life-cycle.

Enterprise high-performance computing solutions 

Sun servers and storage products can revolutionize your IT infrastructure regardless of your business focus. If your organization relies on computing with large volumes of critical data, you’ll find Sun systems an ideal platform for your high performance computing needs.

If your organization is ready to minimize energy costs and reduce its environmental impact, talk to us about innovative Sun solutions that you can deploy today. We can help you transform your technology infrastructure into a more eco friendly data-center with our simple, three-step approach: assess, optimize, and virtualize.

Sun Eco Solutions

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