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Enterprise Mobility

Protect sensitive business information while
making people productive from anywhere


Armada Infotech will define enterprise mobility strategy for your business, which means stepping back and taking the time necessary to get it right, both for today and for tomorrow. finally you only wasting money and effort but also putting your corporate data, business customers and long-term business goals at risk without proper strategy.
In Today Technology Era, you have to think about not just devices but also apps, data, storage, management and support. Each plays an integral part of a successful mobility strategy.

Increasing Productivity for Mobile Users

Choosing right mobile devices can improve productivity across your business while delivering the added security you need to protect your sensitive data and devices.Armada Infotech will help you to choose right devices that are designed to meet the security and manageability requirements of your business, with the performance, style, and form factors that your users demand.

Mobile devices have bring revolution and changed everything. Employees can work at any time, from any location whether from a remote office, customer site, or home, or while traveling. Together with data that is accessible from the company network, the Web, or the cloud, mobile devices are transforming business productivity. Any worker can access up-to-date information; stay connected with colleagues, clients, and customers; or use cloud services to collaborate and quickly complete tasks.

Armada Mobile device management

Armada Infotech lets you manage and control mobile devices used to access business resources. Before a user access to your enterprise network, you can verify that it hasn’t been hacker.Armada Infotech use advance Encryption, remote lock and wipe, mobile VPN, app blacklists and the ability to selectively disable native device capabilities enable a high level of security.

Manage and protect what matters

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