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Cards and Payments

Get a single card, payment solution and a business partner
that will work to optimize your business and performance.

Grow your business globally with Armada Infotech

Our vast payments experience in the following sector such as Hotel, Travel, Retail, Restaurant, Industry, Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and Email Marketing handled by our consultative approach, will help you to accept all major secure international card payments.


We know that no two business are same, nor two payment methods across the globe. Armada Infotech will help to find the best payment method for your business, markets that maximize your revenues.

Armada Infotech helps industry and financial institutions efficiently and cost-effectively adopt new technologies in the payments selection to resolve the most critical, common payment issues, and ensure compliance to local and global requirements through realization of a payments hub. Learn how Armada Infotech is delivering next generation payment solutions for real time payments.

Armada PMS

Armada Hotel PMS is a robust Hotel Management System that offers next-gen capabilities needed by hotels to simplify reservations, improve operating efficiency and maximize revenue.


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