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Information Services
& Publishing

Armada Infotech Publication Services

We provide Publishing and Media services including digital printing, email marketing, e-books, social media, mobility, IoT, data analytics offers the greatest opportunity for publishing and media business to grow profit.

Our Services

We have wide range of solutions that help media industries to benefit from new digital marketplace in different areas including

  • Prepress Services
    • e Publishing Services
    • XML Services
    • HTML Services
    • Composition & Layout Services
    • Graphics & Image Editing Services
    • Digital Format Conversion Services
    • Data Digitization Services
  • Content Management and eCommerce Services
  • Publishing Platforms
    • Productivity Solutions
    • Workflow and Delivery Platform Solutions
    • Asset Management Solutions
  • Mobile Apps
  • Project Management Services
  • CRM Applications
  • Enterprise Subscription Services
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