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Hybrid App Development

Armada infotech offers web app using Hybrid App Development

Why Hybrid App!

Based Every organization goal is to have one app that run in all platform. Armada Infotech  build mobileweb, and desktop apps all with in a single development platform that is fast,accurate and reliable.


Armada Infotech Differentiators:

  • Extensive experience of developing multiple applications across industry verticals.
  • Sound understanding of user interface design – crucial in mobile applications where screen space is limited.
  • Vast experience in developing Security applications, Enterprise applications, Supply Chain & Logistics Applications, Field Force Automation, Government process automation, Industrial non phone based enterprise applications (Motorola Symbol), Travel applications, Internet applications, Communications applications including Wi-Fi and GPS.
  • Talented team which is always updated about the latest trends in Hybrid app development and SDK changes to give our clients the best App development expertise.
  • Experience of catering to various industry verticals including business, travel, retail, finance, games, news, sports, entertainment etc.

Technical and Business Strengths:

  • Deep understanding of React framework and capabilities.
  • Well versed and trained team which knows the powerful features as well as limitations of the platform – this helps it in coming up with quick and easily implementable solutions for a given business problem.
  • In-depth knowledge of official tools for testing of the apps to ensure smooth usage experience for the users.
  • Experience and in-depth understanding of using features such as accelerometer, proximity sensor, dialer, address book, calendar,GPS, Wi-fi, GPRS, Bluetooth, WAP and IrDA.
  • Expertise in development of highly user-friendly apps which optimally use iPhone features and enhance user experience.
  • Highly qualified teams of professional technology experts and interface designers who have thorough understanding of marketplace – we will guide you towards success of your App.

Armada Hybrid App Development

Armada Infotech team of experienced Hybird App developers and programmers help you develop Web App, iPhone and Andriod apps tailor-made and customized to your requirements.

Build Hybrid App with Armada Infotech

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