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Real Estate Management

Amada group is an entity of Multi-Billion portfolio
of facilities in Real Estate Development

Armada Real Estate Management

Through the skill and market knowledge of its brokerage professionals, as well as the company’s respected reputation among its clients and peers, Armada has grown to become one of the leading commercial real estate firms serving our region.


Since its foundation, Armada Property Services JLT, KEY Head Offices for the group, ensures its goal in providing expediency and a demanded imagination for its clients. Through its mixed used projects, it’s offering a modern lifestyle and contemporary community surrounded by all the needed facilities and services. Our exclusive facilities maintain an unforgettable experience and a balance in urban community.

Our major projects are:

ARMADA TOWERS – Situated in the Jumeirah Lakes Towers, ARMADA TOWERS, second runner up for best looking tower in JLT (2011), offers simplicity in design and efficiency in use of space of its variable type of units.
ARMADA TOWER 1 & ARMADA TOWER 3 are residential high rise buildings of 40 storey, offering sailing shape and unhindered views. With ARMADA PROPERTY SERVICES BUSINESS UNITS, the residential towers will present an exceptional environment and enjoyable walkable community. Moreover, the Health club of the towers will bring you the opportunity to exercise and maintain fitness level at all times. With well equipped gym and trusted trainers, you will also enjoy the swimming pools and the sun taint at the roof top of the building.

AL SALAM TOWER project has a total built up area of 800,000 Ft² with the total of 304 Deluxe Unit, consisting of 5 bedroom, 3 bedroom and 2 bedroom hall flats that are all suitable for living. It has five (5) High Speed Lift Passenger, one (1) High Speed Lift Passenger and Cargo and one (1) Heavy Duty Car Lift. It has centralized Air conditioning system and a Water Cooling Chiller from an Electric Saving Carrier. It also has a Gray Water Treatment System and a Central Natural Gas System in the building. Salam Tower has also 12 nos. offices/shops that has a size of 2×4,500 Ft², with 402 nos. of Parking Spaces that will surely serve not only the residents but the guests as well. It has a large size of swimming pool (9,000 Ft²) and Health Club (11,000Ft²) to enhance energy and a more youthful sense of well-being of Residents.

Armada REM

Armada property management software applications key features, including: Tenant and lease tracking. Helps managers perform important functions: keep track of tenant details, such as rent payments or contact information, and lease dates. Maintenance management. Accounting.


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