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Real Estate Management

Gain complete control and generate the data-driven information
you need to make optimal use of the real estate you occupy


Manage the entire life cycle of your leases by centralizing your lease management system, you’ll have complete visibility into every corner of your lessor accounting process


Armada ERP’s lease & rental management solution gives you all of this and more.

  • Complete Property / Asset Management
  • Unify your properties under one umbrella
  • Consolidated view of asset value
  • Full-Service Lease Administration
  • Automated Alerts for Lease Management (Lease escalations & Expiring Leases)
  • Rent roll
  • Manage work orders and maintenance requests
  • Tenant Master (Customer Master)
  • Property Master & Availability
  • Unit Master
  • Lease Agreement
  • Extra Charges / deposits
  • Customer invoice generation
  • Leasing and Billing
  • Miscellanies invoice
  • Single Receipt
  • Bulk receipt
  • Flexible Payment schedules
  • PDC (Post Dated Cheque) Management
  • Cheque Return / Cancel
  • Customer Statement
  • Income Posting
  • Lease Renewal / Extension
  • Lease termination
  • Fixed and Variable rent
  • Common Area charges
  • Service Charges/ Billing- Utilities
  • Lease Statement
  • Multi-Currency / Multi-Lingual
  • Track purchase dates and prices
  • Collections, PDI- Pre-delivery Inspection
  • GIS-based Unit availability
  • Sales Commissions – Salesmen and Brokers/Agents
  • Information on Finance/ Mortgage options
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • GMap- Graphical systems integration
  • Custom Dashboard specific to Owner / CFO / Finance Manager / Lease & Property Manager / Investor

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    Lease management software for your entire portfolio

    Gain complete control and generate the data-driven information you need to make optimal use of the real estate you occupy. Easily access all lease information and documentation through a single lease management system. Manage the most complex real estate lease scenarios, mitigate risk, achieve compliance. It’s mission-critical for your lease administration and accounting solution to support compliance, mitigate risk and provide transparency into your entire lease portfolio for better decision making.

    Armada Property & Lease management system is an essential solution to help simplify the complexities of managing real estate leases. Keeping track of every lease commitment throughout a large portfolio can be daunting, and ensuring accurate reporting of the new lease accounting regulations brings additional
    challenges – you are now obligated to advise on the impact of current and future leases on the company balance sheet.

    Easily consolidating all of your portfolio information into a single system will ease this burden. Integrating your lease administration software with your real estate, facilities, and other corporate systems will drastically improve efficiencies and communication. A multi-currency, multi-lingual solution could help you manage global lease portfolios in one easy-to-use platform.

    Manage the entire life cycle of your leases
    By centralizing your lease management system, you’ll have complete visibility into every corner of your lessor accounting process.

    Maximize your resources through automation
    By utilizing powerful tools – including calculation of schedules and built-in workflow systems – you’ll free up time to focus on other areas of the lessor accounting life cycle.

    Aggregate your data
    Now you can easily develop perspective. You’ll be able to collect and analyze data quickly – across multiple entities and currencies.

    Lease accounting and Lease Administration at ease
    Easily manage every modification and maintain compliance as your leases – and the regulatory requirements – evolve.

    Align every line in your General Ledger.
    Leverage lease data across your business with secure, auditable file transfers and flexible APIs. Tightly integrated with Armada ERP. Get Journal entries into your general ledger, or track rent within accounts payable.

    Gain confidence in your calculations
    We know accuracy is critical to lessor accounting procedures. By minimizing manual processes and automating key functions you’ll have confidence that you haven’t missed a thing. We’ve merged our technical background and knowledge of the lease accounting process with the power
    of Armada ERP built with the latest Microsoft technologies.

    Centralized Lease Management
    Get as detailed as you’d like with a certain lease or entity. Or, take the 1,000-foot view to analyze what’s happening within your overall lease population.

    Calculation of schedules
    No longer a manual process, you’ll find everything you need in one place for deferred revenue, lease classifications, and more.

    Built-in workflow system
    Increase productivity with consistent processes, process visibility, and centralized worklists.

    Invoicing and payments
    Configure formats for both incoming and outgoing documents, including invoices, statements, payments, and electronic documents.

    Highly configurable
    Track the data you need to support your company’s unique processes and reporting requirements, regardless of asset type or industry. Armada Property & Lease Management System offers unlimited user-defined fields, customizable reporting, and personalized dashboard views, in an out-of-the-box solution.

    Save time
    Tired of juggling multiple software platforms? By leveraging integrations with all major financial systems and point-solutions, Armada Property & Lease Management System gives all the data you need in one place to support automated recurring calculations.

    Track changes easily
    Always know what is going on within your lease portfolio. With Armada Property & Lease Management System’s audit trail functionality, all changes can be easily traced back to know what updates were made and when in real-time.

    Easy to navigate
    You don’t need to spend a lot of time learning how to use Armada Property & Lease Management. Our platform is highly intuitive and user-friendly so you can quickly find the information you need.

    Visualize. Optimize. Monetize.
    Centralize your leases in a world-class lease management system and surface insights to streamline processes and discover savings and strategic opportunities in every lease.

    Armada REM

    Armada property management software applications key features, including: Tenant and lease tracking. Helps managers perform important functions: keep track of tenant details, such as rent payments or contact information, and lease dates. Maintenance management. Accounting.


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