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Portal Collaboration

Portal Collaboration

Globalization, quest for new markets, stiff competition and growth appetite make it critical for entire business ecosystem work together, collaborate and co-create. This situation hence calls for a trustworthy, transparent and easy to use collaboration platform that can help share information and deliver business solutions.
With our Portal, Content and Collaboration expertise, we focus on creating world-class products and solutions for businesses worldwide.

Technical and Business Strengths:

Extensive experience in SharePoint Server 2010 platform to formulate and deliver portals, products and business solutions including human interface workflows.
Expertise in designing and delivering complex solutions on SharePoint platform for large enterprises with LOB applications (SAP, JDE etc.) connectivity.
360-degree services in SharePoint-based technologies including: deployment planning, design and architecting, development and deployment services.

  • Portal Development and Collaboration being our core competency, we ‘understand’ the ecosystem. This enables us in building tools that help information workers in improving their efficiency in true sense.

  • Experience include building 100+ business applications and products on SharePoint platform for our customers to manage information and content, automate business processes and unearth the data from ERP systems including SAP.

  • Engineers and consultant of Armada Infotech are well trained and certified in SharePoint technologies, Our systematic training process helps us scale up the talent pool to meet customer demands.

Armada Infotech Differentiator


What is Armada Infotech’s expertise in Corporate Intranets & Extranets and Internet facing Sites?

We provide end-to-end portal solutions using SharePoint Server 2010 platform. Our specialization includes corporate intranets and extranets and internet facing sites. We understand that in a corporate environment, it is important to have employee collaboration, information sharing and robust content management. We help you achieve this by creating contemporary and highly functional intranet portals.

For businesses which are looking at internet as additional revenue channel, it is important to have robust content management, commerce management and work flow capabilities in the website. We help you build optimized websites with these capabilities.

Why Armada Infotech?
1. Expertise in building business processes and automating all human-intervened processes and workflows.
2. Expertise in presenting the structured data stored in ERPs such as SAP, JD Edwards in an understandable format which can then be used for       decision making.
3. Experience in connecting external stakeholders such as vendors and customers in the information supply chain through the use of seamless SSO and CBA
4. In-depth understating and capabilities for billing management, shopping carts, business enquiries workflow etc. – a must have for Internet facing websites

I need to find certain workflows like travel expense settlement, leave application and approvals etc. Can you assist?

Absolutely! Using robust platform features and workflow capabilities of SharePoint technology platform, we have developed expertise in creating online workflows that connect with LOB systems and ERPs based on SAP, JD Edwards, Oracle ERP and CRM systems in real time.

Some of our successfully implemented workflows include: Travel requests and expense settlement, visitor management, leave applications and approvals management and quotation workflow and purchase management. Some of the successfully implemented workflows are: Travel requests and expense settlement, visitor management, leave applications and approvals management and quotation workflow and purchase management.

Why Armada Infotech?
1. Proficiency in NET 3.5/4.0- Windows Presentation Foundation, Windows Workflow Foundation and Windows Communications Foundation
2. Expertise in applying technology to optimize processes, reduce process time, create checkpoints so as to use the audit data for improving the processes.
3. Deep understanding and skills in development of easy-to-use user interface using cutting-edge technologies such as Adobe Flash, JQuery and SilverLight.

Can you help in Search framework implementation?

Yes. Armada Infotech can help global customers in creating robust search frameworks that connect with LOB Applications, information databases and ERP databases – while applying privileges and role based security to ensure authorized access.

Why Armada Infotech?
1. Expertise in search customization by bringing 3rd party sources and search engines under SharePoint search
2. Experience in customization of search UI and interface – this allows you to add more custom functionalities
3. Understanding of Business Data Catalog/Business Connectivity Services –This helps in creating powerful and security trimmed search results in SharePoint by customizing the BDC connections/BCS
In-depth knowledge of strategizing, implementing and customizing the Fast search implementation

How can I get high-end analysis experience right inside MS Excel?

For providing high end analysis experience right inside MS Excel 2010, there are popular tools like Power Pivot. Our teams possess skills and knowledge of Power Pivot based analytics implementations. To help you in this, we first define the OLAP cube structure and then create a presentation layer in Excel-Power Pivot. This helps you in churning large data and gaining deeper business insights inside your familiar Excel sheet through external data connectivity and analysis.

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