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Become a Partner

Armada Infotech is looking worldwide for partners with expertise in specific markets and business connections. We are committed to developing strategic partnerships that deliver solutions that solve real-world business problems and create a sustainable increase in revenue for both our customers and partners.


Why Partner?

Armada Infotech recognizes the importance of partner relationships and is dedicated to providing a profitable agreement with partners. At Armada Infotech, partners are a valuable asset. We do not consider our partners just as an outlet for selling products, but as a part of the Armada Infotech Team. Around the world, our partners work together to provide customers the best possible terms for buying and using our solutions.

Join the Armada Infotech Partner Program from anywhere in the world and put your market expertise to use while building customer success. Help customers ensure that their investment in their required software is managed and secured with the industry’s leading solutions.




Armada Infotech is truly recognized as a technological leader in Software Solutions. However, this is not enough. We clearly understand to achieve success in selling our highly-acclaimed products, our partners must also succeed. Armada Infotechalso strives to actively develop and maintain a personal relationship with each of our partners and to ensure that they are always aware of our development roadmap and long-term company goals.

What do we offer?




Why do we have the best solution?

Powerful: the most complete suite for enterprise-wide excellence and compliance management; State of the Art: fully compliance with the major international frameworks Portable: Supports full web technology. Platform Independent. Best ROI: over thousand customers around the world Best Value: a partner network established in several countries.

Partner Program

Armada Infotech mission is to provide intelligent and innovative solutions, consider loyal relationships with customers as an integral part of success, empowering people, and promoting benefits to society.


Partner Program

Armada Infotech Partner Program was developed as a unique business alliance program to add harmony and balance among businesses in order to build and maintain a qualified worldwide network of value-added resellers, consulting firms, training providers, enterprise software/solutions providers, data providers and system integrators to ensure a successful market and delivery of complete process control solutions to targeted industries.

The services provided by our Solution Partners are built around their core competencies and the unique capabilities of Armada Infotech solutions. Some of those services may include process consultancy aimed at professional services, hardware and/or software installation, customization to meet the unique needs of customers, generic or customer specific training delivered on-site or through electronic methods and integration with other applications.


Which program suits you the best?

For introducing a new market opportunities, please contact us to explore the options for a mutually-beneficial agreement. We have a history of success with the following forms of cooperation:


  Good For How Does It Work
Referral Program
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Sporadic introduction from individuals who have access to market advancement. If you are aware of a market opportunity - call us to discuss how you can take advantage of it.
Registered Reseller
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Business development and networking enthusiasts who are interested to legitimize some of their relations We sign a partnership compliance calling for generous referral fees and ensuring that you remain in charge of your contacts.
Regional Representative
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Business development professionals, knowledgeable in a particular market niche. Help Armada Infotech become established in a particular geographic or industrial division.



Key advantages of teaming up with Armada Infotech:

  • Access to best-in-class, flexible software
  • Member-only Portal. Access to Pre-Sales Resources & Technical Experts
  • High-quality Partner training opportunities
  • Dedicated end-to-end Partner support
  • Rich channel sales and marketing resources
  • Relentless focus on building long-term relationships
  • Technical support for product related queries
  • Project Accounting and Financial Reporting
  • Technology and Communication Tools


Join Referral Program


Empower companies / outlets around you with the right tools to expand in this growing market space and earn commissions based on every company / outlet you enable.


Requirements / Pre-requisites:

Only one step to join our referral program.

Just refer a potential lead with any requirement inline with our product / services portfolio; we’ll take care of the rest.




Join Reseller Program

We strive for meaningful collaborations with established organizations who have a team to support them and a strong network in the market.



Partnering with us will provide you an opportunity to:

  • Generate additional revenue streams
  • Get involved in the technology business that’s growing exponentially
  • A dedicated account manager
  • Online training schedule
  • Marketing assistance
  • Sales support


Requirements / Pre-requisites:

Market Recognition: We work with resellers who are dedicated to an outstanding customer experience, and who have built a prominent position in their market.

Knowledgeable Support: Our resellers provide valuable first-level software technical support. Technical experience with our software is required for reseller status. Providing professional services to support training, implementation, technical support and maintenance of the products.


Products / Services Sales:

  • Responsible for the whole sales life cycle.
  • Involvement in lead generation and sales-pitches.
  • Involvement in negotiating commercial terms with clients
  • Dedicated first-level sales personnel



Be our Regional Representative



Requirements / Pre-requisites:

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Interested in partnering with Armada Infotech ?

Dynamic duo, dream team — call our partnership anything you like. We just want you to win. Joining forces with us means more information and support to elevate your business. If you have a complementary business and are interested in pursuing new opportunities, please complete the form below and a member of our team will be in touch.

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