Point of Sale System

Armada Point of Sale System

Businessmen look for the more efficient technique to operate their businesses. In the case dealing with revenue leakage issues, avoidable paperwork or time management issues, a point-of-sale (POS) software system can save your time and money. Our comprehensive point-of-sale system, Retail POS software lets you gather, store, evaluate, and manage data on sales, customers, inventory, cash flow and more.

Armada Retail POS Solutions

Retail solutions from ARMADA INFOTECH are all about improving the process – so managers can manage on the go instead of behind their desks, customers get on-demand access to product information as they shop, inventory is accounted for so shrinkage is reduced and checkout lanes move quickly and efficiently.

  • Point-of-Sale.
  • Stock Replenishment.
  • Physical Inventory Management.
  • Goods Receipt / Store Transfers.
  • Price Management.
  • Warehouse Operations.

Armada Restaurant POS

You put your heart into your restaurant; shouldn’t your POS company do the same? We think so, and that’s why Armada POS is designed with passion by former restaurant people to meet the unique needs of your full service restaurant.

Businesses Models Supported

  • Hotel Restaurants / Outlets, Cafeterias.
  • Quick Service Restaurants.
  • Casual Dining Restaurants.
  • Fast Dining Restaurants.
  • Delivery Restaurants, Food Trucks.
  • Multi-Branch Restaurants.
  • Central Kitchen, Franchises, Kiosks.
  • Table Service Restaurants, Bars, Pubs.
  • Night Clubs, Drive-Ins, Shisha, Cafe.

Why you should use Armada POS Software

Build your business with best billing solution and generate all your bills easily

Home Delivery Management

  • Delivery Zones, Area Wise Minimum Order Value.
  • Automatic Branch / Outlet / Location Selecting.
  • Customers’ Order History, Running Orders, Order Tracking.
  • Driver Management, Mobile App Delivery Assistant.

Inventory and stock management

  • Accurate Real-time Inventory, Stock Requests & Transfers.
  • Stock Receipts & Issues, Tablet-friendly Stock Take.
  • Auto Reconciliation Of Stock, Waste Management.
  • Finished Goods Stock Visibility on POS, Batch Production.

Order Types

  • Dine In, Delivery, Take Away.
  • Kitchen Display System, Kiosk Mode
  • Room Service, Online Orders.

Billing Operations

  • Build To Order, Multi-lingual Billing.
  • Custom Invoice Template, Split Bill.

  • Line / Order Level Taxes or VAT.

Purchase / Procurement management

  • Manage Suppliers.
  • Send POs Directly To Suppliers.
  • Generate POs Based On Reorder Levels.

Armada POS Software

A retail point of sale system typically includes a cash register and the majority of retail POS systems also include a debit/credit card reader.

All in One POS System Software

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