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Parking Management

Armada Parking Management System

Smart City Parking System

In Current Era, owning a car is no more a luxury, it is basic necessity now. Nowadays not only cities, but small town streets are also full of vehicles. Increasing number of personal vehicles with such a drastic rate is accelerated by easy auto loans and attractive schemes on automobile.

How Parking is effected by increase Population

The biggest problem in  UAE is one of the challenging ones being car parking which we confront almost every day. Besides the problem of space for cars moving on the road, greater is the problem of space for a parked vehicle considering that private vehicles remain parked for most of their time. Residential projects still escape with designated parking, the real problem lie with commercial spaces – many a time which is overcome by taking extra open spaces to park.

According a data available with MAP OF UAE, car density in UAE is increasing more than China. Increasing number of vehicles is introducing very well-known problem of parking in all segments. Parking space has become an acute problem in UAE, as with every passing day number of cars are increasing and the parking space is limited. Whatever little spaces have been left are clearly not enough for increasing number of vehicles.Condition in Metro cities like Abu Dhabi, Dubai is even worse.

Parking Management

Armada PMS

So keeping in mind all the above issues, Armada offers SMART PARKING SOLUTION to the current problem of parking. Armada PMS has devised a multi-tier car parking system which requires minimum maintenance and low production cost. The system can be easily installed in green areas of residential societies. This will serve two-fold purposes: One it will be considered as green area as per government bye-laws. Secondly, it not only provides sufficient parking space but also proper breathing space.


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