Convert Pay Per Click into Business with Armada Infotech


Armada Infotech has experienced AdWords consultants that will do keyword research for you, understanding which terms are important for your business and customers. We will also design dedicated landing pages to enhance customer experience and increase the relevance of your content.


You need a comprehensive digital customer acquisition strategy using the insights generated from our in-depth research, grounded in proven = consumer behavior and marketing fundamentals.

We will provide you with a comprehensive PPC / SEM / AdWords strategy outlining our recommended techniques for reaching your audience and rolling out a campaign that delivers on your digital objectives and goals.

Measurement and Key Performance Indicators
No brand, product, industry, or campaign is the same. We work with you to ensure you reach your goals and we measure the effectiveness of our campaign against those goals with meaningful Key Performance Indicators
Whether your conversion is a purchase, a lead generation form, or a PDF download, we can track, report on, and optimize the campaign to deliver on those objectives. It’s not the 1960s anymore – we know when advertising works! If you don’t have a hard conversion on your site, and your main objective is to increase the awareness of your brand against your target audience, we can do that too!

Campaign Management

Managing these campaigns takes a lot of time, something most business owners and marketers don't have. We're here to help. On a monthly, weekly, or daily basis, our optimization experts will manage and optimize your campaign, including but not limited to removing underperforming ads/keywords, testing new ads/keywords, adding negative keywords, and landing page optimization recommendations to improve quality score.


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