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Digital Process Automation

Maximize Financial Processing with Armada Digital Process Automation

Organization Requires Digital Process Automation

Too many processes were manual and customers had to wait for people who were going through emails. to get to full automation, Armada digital process automation put more power run business processes in a automation way.

Digital Finance Revolution

Digital transformation is changing the game for finance. As global business evolves and competition becomes fiercer organizations that have not adopted digital processes will face significant competitive disadvantages as top performing finance departments leverage established and emerging technology to lower costs, speed processes and achieve greater insight into their financial data to fuel more informed decisions across their business. Organizations that embrace this digital finance revolution attain industry best in-class status by implementing automation across all financial processes. End to-end automation in areas such as procure-to-pay order-to-cash and record-to-report not only improves visibility into operations but frees finance and accounting to focus on handling exceptions, gaining insight into operations and ultimately driving the business forward through process improvement.

Armada Financial Automation

Financial process automation solutions are typically used to automate the core tasks of sales order processing, from capturing order data, to workflow, collaboration, ERP integration and finally storage. Order processing teams often need to work with a wide variety of third party system to validate sales order information for processing.


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