Creating a Powerful Retail Experience with Emerging Technologies

The retail industry is transforming at a fast pace and at the crossroads today.. The imminent shift to digital is driven by the market as the digitally literate consumer is always pushing for better deals, better services, or simply put, an improved shopping experience. Several forces are at play – customer buying habits and expectations have adjusted to digital, creating new competitors and ecosystems for retailers, leading to disruption as well as new digital transformation opportunities.

But how do you constantly understand customer preferences and changing behavior? Customers are empowered with mobile devices. The convergence of Artificial intelligence, Analytics, Big Data, Mobility and so on is an opportunity that needs to be quickly leveraged. The heavy sunk cost in IT is a big dilemma for the business, but in reality, digital dilemma needs to be cracked sooner.

Unique Challenges for the Retail Industry

  • Promotion of new brands, based on whether they are in the store, on the road, or at home
  • Consumer access to myriad choice of products, models and styles
  • Standing out from the competition, attract, retain and deliver a fantastic customer retail experience in order to maximize footfall in store
  • Enormous and disparate amounts of consumer and business data to collect and analyze
  • No proper analytics to model and forecast different scenarios.
  • In a tough trading environment, the rising cost of renting retail stores means all floor and office space must be maximized and all costs and overheads optimized to drive business growth

Revamp Retail – Digitally

Armada Info-tech’s On-Premise along with Cloud-first technology solutions and services enable the retail and wholesale distribution players capitalize on technology solutions that help them innovate, compete more aggressively, and overcome these challenges. Encompass the digital trends in Retail industry to improvise your online/brick and mortar store experience, increase profitability and reduce operation costs.


Department Stores

Retail of consumer goods in multiple product categories. Maximize customer service and profits and meet changing demands amid increased competition and complex supply chains.

Discount Stores

Retail stores offering goods less expensive than traditional department stores. Optimize merchandising, increase supply chain efficiency and generate product mix forecasts for better retention.

Grocers / Grocery Merchandise

Retail store primarily in the business of selling groceries. Create a difference with technology and optimized supply chain to achieve revenue-growth. Adjust prices, fine-tune inventory planning and deploy next generation Point of Sale (POS) systems to enhance the customer experience.

E-Commerce / E-Tailers

Online retail of goods and services

Fashion & Apparel

Retail stores focused on fashion & apparel products. Deliver memorable customer experiences with over-the-top performance to become a trend-setter. Launch new ways to enhance the customer experience, elevate your brands and grow market share.

Distributors & Wholesalers

Intermediaries in the sale of goods and merchandise from manufacturers to Retailers.

Specialty Retail Stores

Retail stores focused on limited product lines. Be more responsive and meet the market-challenges by building customer-centric services. Embrace the future of shopping by delivering concepts and solutions for in-store selling through social networks.

The Retail Magic Story

You are in the middle of Retail Boom- It is the right time to build timeless relationship with your customers through aesthetically designed solutions. Be it Cloud, IoT or Mobile, tear the competition and rule in with your customers.

Re-tell your success story with effective use of real-time data, POS insights, and multi-platform execution. With social intelligence, anticipate insights and make your brand lively across channels.


Be present everywhere- Make informed decisions, increase brand affinity and ROI

Major Offerings / Catalogue of Competencies

Adding Value to Retail

Our Retail Portfolio and Capabilities include


Retail ERP Development
Custom POS Development & Implementation
E-Commerce Solutions
Cloud & Mobility Solutions
Customer Value Management / Customer Relationship Management
Application Development, Support and Maintenance
Vendor Management System
Online Ordering Platforms
Back Office Software Development
Warehouse Systems & Integration
Inventory Control Solutions
Retail Rewards/Loyalty Management
Digital Customer Experience
Real-time Analytics Dashboard Application for Retailers
Retail Partner Collaboration
Style Performance Analytics
Supply Chain Network Optimization
Fleet/Vehicle Tracking


Supply Chain Management
Customer Experience
Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
Operations Enablement – ERP
Data Infrastructure to Insight to Intervention
Application Development and Maintenance
Infrastructure Services
Interactive Marketing
Internet of Things (IoT)
Testing as a Service (TaaS)
Product Engineering Services
Interactive Marketing
Omni-channel Visibility
Digital Transformation
Intelligent Inventory Planning
Price Optimization

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