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Communication Services

Our Communications Services Software facilitates team members
to exchange data and discuss corporate operations in real time

Communicate and collaborate, securely

file sharing, audio/video conferencing and screen sharing with Armada Infotech Communications Services Software is secured and protect data with encryption. Armada Infotech Communications Services Software protect your data with end-to-end encryption and comply with global regulations both within and across enterprises.

Better Productivity and Service

Armada Infotech Communications Services Software helps to deliver value through enhanced efficiency, effectiveness, and customer experience. To meet rising customer expectations and get every job right on the first try, your system must be smarter and more predictive. With intelligent scheduling optimization, organizations can improve productivity and maximize utilization of their workforce. we using advanced algorithm to analyze real time and historical data.

Armada Infotech communications service include:
Secure Communication
Encrypt Data
Deliver Improved Productivity
Carrier-Grade Platform
Enhanced Customer Experience
Reduce Risk Transformation
Business Process Awareness
Protect Data


An IP (Internet Protocol) – PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is a PBX that provides audio, video and messaging communication through TCP/IP protocol for its internal network and interconnects with the public telephone network for telephony communication.

Traditional office PBX systems are being replaced by IP PBX Systems, so that businesses can reduce operating costs by combining traditional PBX functionality with VoIP, and also enjoy the benefits of using a single network for voice and data. The auto attendant feature of our IP PBX systems takes the role of a receptionist and interacts with the customer to route the call. For example, the system asks the customer to “press 1 for sales, 2 for accounts… “etc or “dial the extension number of the person to connect to…” and eventually connects the call to the appropriate personnel.

IVR Systems

IVR Stands for Interactive Voice Response. IVR simplifies customer interaction by using an automated system which gets input from the customer as digits using the telephone or mobile phone keypad. The best example for an IVR system is the “Telephone Banking” system where customer input the request for account transactions as per instruction by the system… for ex. “Press 1 for account balance, press 2 for account statements…” etc. The system respond to the customer according to the digit pressed by the customer.

We have very deep expertise in the IVR Technology. Our IVR Systems are built on career grade open source software which ensures high reliability. We provide all the advanced features of a modern IVR solution and more than that

Call Center Solutions

We do implementations of Call Centers for Enterprises using our proven IP PBX platform. Our IP PBX platform are built upon career grade open source platform which has been accepted worldwide for its reliability and robustness. We do customized programming of the system so that it can be integrated with any kind of CRM or ERP or database systems which the organizations are using.

Our Call Center Client application provides pop up of the customer details when a call is answered and also allows the call center agents to enter data related to the call and save it for future reference. The calls can be recorded so that supervisors can listen for monitoring and quality enhancement purposes. We also provide full reports related to calls, agent performance etc. This can be used for analysis of the call center performance and take necessary quality improvement steps. Automated Call Distribution, Call Queues, Skill based call routing etc are some of the many features of our Call Center solution.

Unified Communication Solutions

Unified Communications is an integration of different medium of communication services, like telephony, SMS, email and fax into a single solution. The organizations enjoy the facility of viewing or managing all types of communications in a single place. Unified Communications also allows the customers to send a message in one medium and to receive the same on another medium. For example a fax or a voice mail received can be forwarded to a mail id and viewed as an email. The response to the sender can also be sent back, for example as a text message or a voice call.

With Armada CRM, you can automate activities based on your sales scripts: calls, meetings, mails and quotations. Get all information you need, right on the opportunity: page viewed, mails received, etc.

More features….


Connecting Customers

Support a local hotline in multiple countries, and make or receive calls from pretty much anywhere in the world. Ensure quick consistent responses to common questions by creating pre-formatted replies. Talk with a customer from the help desk.


Sales Force Automation

Prioritize tasks and prospects, know what’s important to sell faster and grow the business. Intelligently scans customers according to their stages in the sales cycle & categorized based on the leads.


Engage Customers

Create professional invoices and easily track payments. Manage Net Receivables. Automatic generation of invoice. Bill Payments Easy Payments Get clear reports on customer statements. Supports multiple payments.


Sales Performance Management

Estimate revenue you can generate in each fiscal year/forthcoming quarters`. Lead to more cost-effective marketing, avoids expenses of mass marketing.


Sales Tracking

Track competition for each business opportunity and assess your strengths & weaknesses. Work together, share insights, and accelerate the sales of the business.


Mobile App

Automatically provides smart suggestions with possible solutions. Get the right context for issues with mobile application. Effortlessly digitalize and save business cards on your iPhone or Android smartphones.

Armada PMS

Armada Hotel PMS is a robust Hotel Management System that offers next-gen capabilities needed by hotels to simplify reservations, improve operating efficiency and maximize revenue.


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