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Data Security & Encryption

Secure email, documents, and sensitive data

Protect data at rest

Data encryption is a mandatory step toward data privacy, security, and data sovereignty.Armada Infotech will help you to protect data whether it is on a computer, being stored on a phone, being transfer across the Internet, or being stored in the cloud.

Authenticating a Person,
Device, or Computer

Many critical features and services available on the Internet only work securely if the service provider can authenticate the person, device, or computer to look for access. Authentication is the process of ensuring both ends of the connection are who they say they are. Not only do you need to authenticate who you are when you log onto many of the most powerful features of the web are enabled when you can protect your password from ever being stolen, but still log into accounts.

Hashing to Protect Passwords
Armada Infotech uses one of the important encryption technology is called hashing. commonly used technique for protecting your password if a website is ever hacked and the cyber criminals get access to the master password file.

Armada Data Security & Encryption

It is risky to underestimate the role that encryption technology plays in protecting our public and private networks. It is important because it protects things such as e-mail, transaction records, confidential information, legal documents, credit histories and transactions, and government and regulatory agency databases. Securing this data is critical to peace of mind in communicating business and personal information. Armada Infotech will help to protect your data from different attacks using advance data encryption and security techniques

The Importance of Encryption

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