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Innovation is critical

Innovation is critical to value generation and the realization of a growth strategy.

The ability to generate value is fundamental to the success of a private equity backed portfolio company. The third theme in this year’s survey considers the areas of value generation that management teams are most focused on.

Value generation drivers
Awareness of the need to innovate to drive growth emerges clearly from the research. Broadening the service offering or introducing new products has increased in importance to be the key driver of value for private equity backed businesses and this is reinforced by the high level of importance attached to reputation and brand management. The speed at which companies are able to innovate is also perceived as critical, as other markets, specifically Asia, catch up and improve the quality of their products.

Armada Private Equity Services

Armada Infotech understands that the pace of change in business is unprecedented, and that private equity firms and their portfolio companies must operate at the speed of modern business. This requires accurate, real-time information to optimize decision making and execute on bold strategies.


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