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e-Governance Solutions

e-Governance Solutions

e-Governance Services & Solutions– Transforming Governance

Technology is radically changing the way public sector services are delivered. In doing so, the relationship between Government, service and citizen will no longer be the same.
The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) footprint in e-governance as a practice is rapidly increasing, with renewed focus on increasing governance efficiency. There is increased pressure on quality government services to be delivered rapidly to citizens through an efficient and transparent process.

Major challenges in e-Governance

  • Rapid technological change
  • Privacy and security concerns
  • Scale complexity
  • Legislative and regulatory barriers
  • Internal challenges to e–government implementation

We offer a comprehensive range of services and solutions in e-Governance segment by not only overcoming these challenges, We have attained rich expertise in delivering solutions based on the highest industry standards of usability, flexibility, and scalability. Our rich expertise in this domain have enabled us to help state, local, and provincial governments to meet new and evolving challenges by delivering citizen-centric services and values. We have taken major initiatives in the area of e-Governance by delivering various IT solutions and services.

e-Governance Solutions

We understand the key issues you are facing.

  • How government organizations should efficiently manage and use IT budgets to meet business needs?
  • How government should leverage technology to improve service delivery?
  • How government IT organizations should modernize architectures, information management and applications to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness?
  • How government should implement shared services to be successful?
  • How government benefits from emerging alternatives in IT sourcing models to support new acquisitions or improve the cost and effectiveness for re-competed services?
  • Justify IT budgets and initiatives with compelling business cases, benchmarks and strategic roadmaps
  • Develop data and communication networks that are efficient, flexible, interoperable, and secure
  • Drive operational efficiencies through IT consolidation, shared services, improved sourcing, process improvement (ITIL) and other effective strategies
  • Meet emerging needs in the 21st century, e.g., Green IT, Social Networking, modern scale web opportunities, mobile computing, enterprise information management, and interoperability



What we do in e-Governance Sector?

  • Identify gaps thorough analysis
  • Prepare detailed reports that helps in development of software applications
  • Enhance existing software applications
  • Implement new ideas and bring in innovations
  • Provide effective documentation and trainings to uplift the technology knowledge

Our technology consulting services help organizations formulate actionable strategies, assess solutions, and implement best of breed package solutions for portals, business intelligence & analytics, data warehousing, customer & constituent solutions, mobility and cloud enablement.

Our software development services provide managed project and professional services for web, mobile, and enterprise application development, testing, and modernization.

Our outsourcing services provide application management services for custom and package applications, including maintenance, enhancement and IT support.

We are specialized in implementing the following models all through the e-Governance life cycle:

  • Public Private Partnership (PPP) model
  • Build-Own-Operate (BOO)
  • Build-Own-Operate-Transfer (BOOT)
  • Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) models.

e-Governance Solutions

Our e-Governance Services include:

  • e-Governance Consultancy Services
  • Web and mobile based e-governance solutions
  • End-to-End IT Solutions
  • Customized Software Development
  • System Integration
  • Design, Implementation and Maintenance of Data Centers
  • IT Infrastructure Services
  • Turnkey Projects
  • Business Planning and IT Strategy Consulting
  • IT Project Management and Consulting
  • Security Consulting
  • Network and IT Infrastructure Consulting
  • Capacity Building and Training
  • Data Warehousing/Data Mining
  • PPP Services
  • Rule based solution scalable to meet future needs

e-Governance Solutions



e-Governance Solution Highlights

Our E-government solutions cover several vital areas of the economic and social landscape:

  • Smart Card Based E-Governance Solutions (Multi National Identity Cards (MNIC) / Unique Identity Cards (UID)): The smart card is to facilitate national security by managing every citizen’s / expatriate’s identity among the huge population of the country. This facilitates all e-governance processes in various segments of public service. We can offer such smart cards under one umbrella which will benefit the society at large through its multiple applications.
  • E-Passports and E-licenses: e-passports with chip-based documentation simplifying many processes. Many countries already use biometric passports for their citizens making the work better and faster.
  • Driving License /Registration Certificate (DL/RC): Computerized database of licenses, permits and vehicle registrations. e-license cards and registration certificates can be used for this purpose. We have geared up towards utilizing the latest in technology for the same. The automobile industry is rapidly evolving and will be producing a high demand for e-licenses and registrations in the future.
  • Healthcare and Medical Insurance Cards: Important sector that requires e-governance is healthcare. The government spends a huge part of its revenue for providing healthcare services to the public, mostly below the poverty line. Around the world, medical insurance and networked healthcare system has helped provide a secured system beneficial to the general public. Computerization and networking of all the hospitals throughout the country will make treatment procedures as well as billing and insurance a very convenient process. The use of insurance smart cards will bring about a revolution in the way government hospitals cater to the general public. Every patient treated across any medical care facility will have a card which will be checked for data by the hospital. This e-health system helps maintain a medical history for everyone as well as precise billing procedures for insurance purposes.
  • Multipurpose Cards: Multi-utility cards with higher memory supporting e-governance applications such as e-IDs, e-passport, e-healthcare, e-ration, e-license and a lot more in a single smart card. This will provide an extremely convenient system for both the government and the citizens to maintain completely organization e-governance in one single system.
  • E-Government Portal Development with a secured payment gateway that can be fully integrated with WAP, SMS and PDA solutions.
  • E-Police System designed for police personnel on the field, who need to report accidents and crimes.
  • Taxation and Revenues: Enabling tax-payers to access personal tax information, remember their deadlines, read about new laws, and pay online.
  • Industry and Free Trade Zones: Allow Web or wireless access to corporate clients to read rules and regulations, access business databases, apply for licenses and pay for services.
  • Real Estate: Providing resources for buyers, sellers, home-owners, real estate professionals, and anyone seeking to connect with the local real estate market.
  • Tourism and Immigration Services: Helping maintain databases of residents and visitors, providing instant messaging to concerned authorities during emergencies and alerts for expired visas and passports.
  • Payment Solutions: Including Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP) on Web and WAP, payment alerts and micropayments.
  • Parking Meters and Fines: Enabling traffic inspectors to charge fines on the field, while on the move.
  • Healthcare and Hospitals: Appointment and registration reminders, pharmacy system for administration and distribution of medicines, and outpatient clinic systems.
  • Public Distribution System (PDS) / Subsidy Distribution: Converting paper-based ration cards into biometric smart cards to maintain a database of all the beneficiaries. So the right person gets the right amount of commodities under a secured foolproof mechanism. With information and communication technology intervention, the process can be connected through one system for the entire country and everyday operation details can be recorded systematically.
  • Land Records: Advisory services to the government department for land records regarding the implementation of an automated recording system for land ownerships that ensures security.
  • Issuing a smart card along with every paper registration of land will resolve any dispute that might arise; this also helps lending agencies during their loans and refinancing services.
  • Digital Learning and Education: We assists educational institutions such as schools and universities as well as government departments by offering robust e-learning solutions for their training and learning needs. We design basic e-learning software to highly interactive and dynamic modules depending on the requirement and budget of the project. Our training programs are completely tailor-made by our instructional and visual designers helping simplify the learning process.



Key Benefits

e-Governance SolutionsEffective services delivery with our BPM:

  • Business Solution blueprinting by domain experts
  • Monitor and control process performance
  • Effective change management for quicker service roll outs
  • Flexible workflows for cross department functioning
  • Ensure timely roll-outs of critical services

Transparent processes:

  • Drilled down reports on process performance
  • Role based dashboards for restricted report views
  • Reports delivered on email as embedded graphs

Paperless e-governance:

  • Simplified end-to-end document management for large volumes of paper
  • Streamline administrative process with digitized documents
  • Document routing for process automation
  • Audit trails for process transparency
  • Improved document archival and tracking

Human centric workflows:

  • Connect departmental workers to processes
  • Document centric workflows connect government employees to key documents
  • Low learning curve with 100% web based design and deployment


  • Easily adapt processes to department specific regulations
  • Improve accountability with clear audit trails
  • Enhanced reporting to ensure better compliance


  • Includes audit trails at user, folder and document levels

Flexible user access settings to sensitive documents and reports

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