Mobility Services


Changing the world for a better and more livable community by assisting our clients to navigate, plan, program and build a sustainable future during this stimulating era of redefining mobility.

Mobility services

With the increasing advancements of mobile devices – especially smartphones, knowledge workers today have become more productive. They now have better, faster and more powerful ways of consuming, processing information and making quick and informed decisions based on that. On the business side as well, they need right tools and technologies to keep themselves connected with business and have secured access to critical data-even when they are on move.

With our Mobile Application Development services, we help you with:

  • Extending your current systems and applications to mobile platforms.
  • Automating field force through mobile-based applications and workflow with real-time synchronizations.
  • Creating mash up applications – by integrating with maps services, social sites integration services etc.
  • Building phone and non-phone applications for supporting business applications.
  • Your Mission critical reports can now be moved to Mobile.
  • Critical SharePoint data can be pushed to Mobile.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Enterprise Mobility solutions
  • Native applications and web development
  • Mobile Bi with light BI on the go on major mobile and smart phones
  • Integration with enterprise applications like CRM, Portals etc.

Armada Infotech has deep understanding of the fast evolving mobile technologies. Our R&D team is always updated about the dynamic mobile technologies, platform, operating systems and devices. With our vast experience of working in the areas of business intelligence, portal and collaboration and performance management, we understand the requirements of enterprises very well and can liaison between the needs of enterprises and mobile technology.

We understand the constraints of mobile devices in terms of screen size and data processing. However, with the optimal utilization of available resources and cutting-edge technology, we ensure that the user experience is not compromised while offering the complete functionality. Armada Infotech team has developed expertise in using mobile specific features such as real time integration with dedicated automated devices M2M, GPS systems, SMSC gateways integration and connectivity with GPRS and other locations based services.

Technical and Business Strengths:

  • In-depth expertise across wide range of devices and operating systems like Windows Mobile, iPhone (iOS), Android.

Armada Infotech Differentiator:

  • Dedicated team for device porting catering to the needs of users from USA, Canada, Middle East and India.
  • Close working relationship with customers to discuss and understand the business objectives – this helps us in proposing the most suitable and viable solution.
  • Entire software development life cycle services: including system analysis and architecture, development, installation, on device and carrier testing, hosting and maintenance of the mobile applications.

Android Application Development

Android is the leading mobile operating system today. Nielsen’s figures for Q4 2011 in the US show Android as the leading OS with 46.3% of all currently-owned smartphones. It is therefore no wonder that businesses have started adopting Android as a platform for engaging customers in real time.

Development of high-end, user friendly, interactive and rich applications on Android requires thorough knowledge of Android SDK, business understanding and also knowledge of user interface design. Armada Infotech has been amongst one of the early application developers for Google Android. With our extensive experience over the years in developing multiple Android applications across industry verticals, we can help you take your business to next level by smoothly adopting this cutting-edge technology.

Armada Infotech Differentiators:
  • Extensive experience of developing multiple applications across industry verticals.
  • Sound understanding of user interface design – crucial in mobile applications where screen space is limited.
  • Vast experience in developing Security applications, Enterprise applications, Supply Chain & Logistics Applications, Field Force Automation, Government process automation, Industrial non phone based enterprise applications (Motorola Symbol), Travel applications, Internet applications, Communications applications including Wi-Fi and GPS.

Technical and Business Strengths:

  • Deep understanding of Android framework and capabilities.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of Android SDK and Framework APIs.
  • Well versed and trained team which knows the powerful features as well as limitations of the platform – this helps it in coming up with quick and easily implementable solutions for a given business problem.
  • In-depth knowledge of official tools for testing of the apps to ensure smooth usage experience for the users.

Windows Application Development

With new intuitive features in Windows Phone 7.5, social networking is a breeze. Windows 7.5 offers multitasking, social networking integration, unique messaging features and ‘live tile’ based user interface. With Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 ‘Apollo’ around the corner, businesses have seriously started looking at Windows Phone applications.

Being a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner, Silicon has extensive experience in developing and porting apps to Windows Phone. This makes us the application developer of choice.

Silicon Differentiators:
  • Vast experience in porting mobile applications from other mobile platforms to Windows Mobile platform.
  • Seasoned team which has undergone rigorous training on Windows Phone and is ready to develop and distribute free, commercial and enterprise apps.

iPhone Application Development/ iOS Application Development 

Want to build smarter, highly interactive and cool apps which are feature rich? We can help you build those for iPhone users. iPhones today are the most advanced and popular Internet and multimedia enabled smartphones. As of Feb 2012, Apple is the world’s biggest smartphone vendor with unit sales of 35.5 million smartphones.

Armada Infotech team of experienced iPhone developers and programmers help you develop iPhone apps tailor-made and customized to your requirements.

Silicon Differentiators:
  • One of the very few iOS developers offering comprehensive iOS 5.0.1 application development services- our applications are slated for launch on the App Store soon.
  • Talented team which is always updated about the latest trends in iOS app development and SDK changes to give our clients the best app development expertise.
  • Experience of catering to various industry verticals including business, travel, retail, finance, games, news, sports, entertainment etc.
Technical and Business Strengths:
  • Experience and in-depth understanding of using features such as accelerometer, proximity sensor, dialer, address book, calendar, GPS, Wi-fi, GPRS, Bluetooth, WAP and IrDA.
  • Expertise in development of highly user-friendly apps which optimally use iPhone features and enhance user experience.
  • Highly qualified teams of professional technology experts and interface designers who have thorough understanding of marketplace – we will guide you towards success of your app.
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