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Networking Solutions

Ensuring the seamless flow of information across your business anytime anywhere

Data is the life blood of your business, acting as the foundation for every strategic decision you make. With business changing so rapidly, information sharing needs to be immediate — connecting your people and resources across multiple locations at any given moment. Armada Infotech provides networking solutions for local networks, national presence and global connectivity to keep your data moving – quickly, reliably and securely so you can focus on enhancing productivity, improving organizational efficiency and strengthening competitive advantage.

Interprise Moduler
Computing Solution

Our enterprise modular computing solutions are based on RISC servers running on Solaris including applications servers and databases. Sun servers provide the performance; scalability, energy efficiency, and cost-effectiveness that help you meet your business needs in HPC, virtualization, and eco- or energy efficiency.

Armada Infotech provides professional network engineering services to build and integrate communications infrastructures for organizations small and large. We design and prioritize networks to assist organizations with their increased bandwidth requirements. From planning, design, implementation, integration and ongoing network operations, we create innovative solutions that meet the today’s business demands.

We partner with industry leaders like Microsoft, Cisco, Juniper Networks, Bluecoats, Packeteer to drive solutions that spans networking to optimization. Our solutions focus on five core areas:



Remote connectivity

Unified communications

WAN application traffic management solutions

The Solution Portfolio Includes:


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